1st day of Special Term II has started, for that i have to go back to bloody singapore 2 days ago and leave my beloved family and the wonderful time we spent together during my 5 wks in medan. for the first time in my life, i felt homesick. haha.. wished i never applied for this summer class in the first place, but now it's too late, i have to undergo it nevertheless.

as expected, the number of ppl still staying here can be counted by fingers. but i enjoyed it. lol

today i went for 4 hrs lecture which is an interesting subject imo, but the atmosphere + lecturer's voice made me drowsy so i can't help falling asleep a few times.. wondering how i will fare in this subject. after that went to appeal for one bloody AHSS subject. then spent my time catching up the animes which i haven't watched while playing.. guess wat? Pokemon!! hahah, so childish of me, but i kinda felt nostalgic with it, so i played. not important really..

while in medan, i could watch euro. here, hmm, kinda difficult or impossible to watch live at least. well, i'll just download the semifinals and final match later.

yesterday i started to pack some things. i threw away my 3 semesters worth of lecture notes and other useless things. then i put my 3 boxes of Gundam, some shoes and some small sized books together inside a box, then it already filled up, now i started to wonder how many boxes and baggage i need to pack all my things. lol!

back to my Code Geass R2 epi 10, while Pokemon Emerald is also on~

listening to: Coldplay - Violet Hill

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Well, been absent for quite a long time. Time to do some update here.

I'm back in Medan now, enjoying my 5 weeks holz. less than 2 weeks to be enjoyed though, going back soon to bloody singaporictic hell. LOL!

While in medan, all i did was eat, play game, watch dramas n movies, sleep.. zzz.. what a boring life. but i fully enjoyed the blissful moments with my family.. =D

Now, some jdoramas to recommend: Pride, Bara no nai Hanaya, Kiken na Aneki, and Ima Ai ni Yukimasu.. I fell in love with Takeuchi Yuko, which starred Pride and Bara no nai Hanaya. woohoo.. she is just my perfect type of woman. darn.. hope i will find someone like that in real life.. :X

I want to share my opinion on the new price of fuel [BBM]. I think that the new price of fuel is very reasonable, cos the price of world's fuel is increasing to a very high price also, so the government have no choice, or rather choose the best choice that is increasing the price of fuel itself. Because if the government keep on subsidizing the fuel's price, with the current economy condition, it will just keep on getting worse. But still, out there still got many idiots and leechers that accused the government of not thinking of poorer people conditions. they are already helped by the BLT(bantuan langsung tunai) of Rp 100,000. Rp 100,000 per person! how is that not enough?? how will Indonesia get better while many of its people still think of themselves and never think for the good of the country..? got one asshole politician Wiranto, provoking people with its advertisement, saying there is lots of options still available besides increasing fuel price and saying the government just want to make poor people suffer. but he himself never give even one idea that will solve the problem. when i think of it, i think Indonesia will never have a bright future if the people still cannot wake up and the corruption still infesting the politician and government.

not important really but i hope many idiots and leechers read this post and realise their actions.

Top song of the month:
Ari Lasso & Bunga Citra Lestari - Aku dan Dirimu
Tangga - Kesempatan Kedua
Ungu - Untukmu Selamanya

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i'm back back back BACK!! :D

After months leaving my blog not updated, here i am, in just okay condition i guess. listening to L'Arc~en~Ciel's newest album, Kiss (damn nice, oh how i love japanese songs, dramas, way of living etc. :3) , while trying to understand n figure out how to solve CPE205 lab problem which will commence in 13 hrs. this term is the most busy term in my entire 4 year long computer engineering course >_> for this term i took 23 au in total, consists of CPE205-Operating Systems, CPE206-MicroController/MicroProcessor System Design, CPE207-Software Engineering, CPE208-Instrumentation & Data Acquisition, CPE279-DDP(Design & Development Project), HP802-Working in 21st Century. phew, shocked by the subject titles? haha, wait till u see this. every CPE subject has labs~~~ DDP project takes my entire recess week + 1 week after final exam, we'll assemble n program a robot which acts like a mouse and later must be able to get in n out of a MAZE @_@. CPE207 project consists of 70-80 student doing the same Public Bus Service Simulator. CPE206 lab uses a $1000 Educational Development Board, which is a circuit as big as my laptop. CPE208 uses a $200 circuit board, which will be programmed using Assembly language (different from what i used last term--has to study the language again =_=). CPE205 uses C++ language which is again a new language to me =_='


But I still be able to allow myself to watch at least 1 movie a day. haha. watched lots of good movie lately. Wedding Daze is sweet n funny. Hitman is cool. Jump In! n You Got Served is so damn cool. Warlords imo is just ok. Remember The Titans is touching. Sydney White is funny. lots of others~

And yeah on Tuesday night I'll be back in my hometown for CNY!!! Ah, what a nice relief before deadly weeks ahead. I dunno whether i should be happy or not at this point. >_>

Friends here is as NOT FRIENDLY as always. :@ have to do everything on my own. ah~ how i missed high school~ all the laughters n joys we spent together~ all the tears n sadness we felt together~

k, i'll end my pointless post here. Wish me luck so that i can survive this term, that's all i have.

Music of the week: L'Arc~en~Ciel - Alone En La Vida :D

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Find the way..

Doushite kimi wa chiisana te de
Kizu wo sei outo suru no darou?
Dare ka no tame dake ja nai miushinawa nai de
Doushite boku wa mayoi nagara
Nige dasu koto dekinai no darou?
Nozomu no wa hikari sasu hi wo hi wo...

Kagayaku sora ni te wa todoka nakutemo
Hibiku ai dake tayori ni
Susunda michi no saki hikari ga mitsu karu kara

Kimi wa itta nagai yume wo mita
Totemo kanashii yume ga dattato
Sore demo sono sugata wa sukoshi mo kumora nai
Boku wa itta naite iin dato
Zutto sobani ite ageru yo
Hoshiino wa daki ageru te wo te wo...

Kotoba nakutemo tobu hane wa nakutemo
Midasu kaze ni makenu youni
Ima dare yori hayaku itami ni kiduke tanara...

Kotae wo dasu koto kitto subete ja nai
Asera nakute iin dayo anata mo...

Kagayaku sora ni te wa todoka nakutemo
Hibiku ai dake tayori ni
Susunda michi no saki hikari ga mitsu karu kara
Kotoba nakutemo tobu hane wa nakutemo
Midasu kaze ni makenu youni
Susunda michi no saki tashikana hikari wo mita... YOU’LL FIND THE WAY


Why is that, with your small hands
you try to carry the burden of this wound?
It’s not for someone else’s sake, so you’ve lost sight
Why do I, when I’m lost
I can’t seem to escape?
You need to see the light, the light...

If you can’t reach the sparkling sky with your hands
Rely on the love that echoes within
and push ahead on this road till you find the light

You said you had a long dream
a very sad dream
But still, that image has not been dimmed at all
I told you that it’s okay to cry
I’ll be here to life you up
All I want is to take your hand, you hand...

When there are no word, and no wings to fly with
don’t be thrown in chaos by the wind and lose
You need to realize you pain faster than anyone else...

Surely, there’s no answer for everything
But there’s no reason for you, to be impatient about it...

If you can’t reach the sparkling sky with your hands
Rely on the love that echoes within
and push ahead on this road till you find the light
When there are no word, and no wings to fly with
don’t be thrown in chaos by the wind and lose
push ahead on this road, and you will certainly find the light... YOU’LL FIND THE WAY

Lyric by: Nakashima Mika

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Just watched Jay Chou's newest movie, Secret <不能说的秘密>, which I downloaded from mIRC a few days ago. Omigod, I'm at a loss of what to say bout the movie. It's just sooooooo romantic... Yet so sad.. Kwai Lun-mei who plays as Lu Xiao Yu is so cuuuute and beautiful, and the romantic scenes between Jay who plays as Ye Xiang Lun and her is....... Oh, i want to be in that situation!! XD Highly recommended according to me, coz I liked every single part of the movie, well, there are some "artificially-altered"-scenes near the end of the movie, but hey it's not that significant. There are also many music played in piano in this movie, cool. My rating: 9.5 / 10 (0.5 because of the ending and the flaw in the graphic near the ending of the movie). Who wants the movie?? It's already in DVDrip format. :D

Follow the notes upon the journey
At first sight marks one's destiny
Once the voyage comes to an end
Return lies within hasty keys

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My friend just sent me this song, Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable, it's very nice. Try it out!!

Lastly, hope I can pass all my current difficulties and problems as soon as possible. Phew... ><

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Bad headache..
Signs to get cough..

It started 2 days ago when I got sorethroat, I thought it was nothing, maybe I just need to drink more water. But it persists till the next morning, and I thought maybe it needed more time to subside, so I don't think so much bout it. Went to play badminton n do some work-out at gym as usual. Then came home and took a bath. I started to get signs of flu, and worse.. headache.. Ugh.!! I thought I could handle these, so I continued with my programming project, simulating an Elevator. 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours passed.. Then I gave up, coz I just kept on sneezing. I decided to take a nap. I woke up an hour later, just to find nothing feels better. +___+ That nite I spent an hour playing game (can't help it coz I'm getting stuck and stressed-out with the simulator) and resumed my Elevator simulator. Kay, I'd better call it a day, while my sorethroat is getting worse and worse and my nose has became stuffy. I'd had difficulty sleeping. Then I fall asleep from exhaustion, and find myself awake at 6 this morning. Wew, not enough sleep.. Ends up with me sleeping thru-out programming and digital systems lectures. Zzzzz..

Back to study~~...

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Lovely day

Today is kinda special, I feel like I've done many things right my own way. Things like I could get my lab works finished (though it took my entire lunchtime to finish it.. and I skipped my lunch... +__+), but i feel contained and got some kind of satisfaction. Then the following lecture, it feels easy to absorb what the lecturer said. Well, that things rarely happen to me, so I feel happy today. ^^ Then I spent my 3 hours spare time before another class in the library, doing french homework, doing math tutorials, then I met Ricky who is currently studying in KL, he visits our school to take a look. Happy to meet my former classmate of course. N I dunno why today is special, maybe it's just how I see things now. And if it's so, then I have to thank 'sOmEoNe' for opening my mind and guiding me to see things from the bright side. Thanks gurl!! Hey, I know how u can handle things urself, but trust me, u r not a strong gurl, no matter how u think u r. No one is strong, well ok, maybe u r stronger than before, but u r not strong enough to take on every problem ahead. So, don't mind to rely on ur friends!! We will always be there to help. Just share ur problem with anyone, and it can lighten ur pain and burden, I tried it.

Just as I expected, my body is aching from badminton + heavy work out yesterday. Dunno when this pain will subside. QQ But nevermind that, I'm returning to my lovely hometown tomorrow!! Though just for a very short duration, just 3 days, but feel happy that I can be relieved a bit after my first 3 weeks of my 2nd year. And I'll be skipping 1 lab session, hope it's not a tedious one, coz I will be doing make up lab alone. ><

that's it for today, again thanks gurl!!

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